The Tracks of My Tears

April 5, 2013



So many things

About me

You chose not to know

Chasing a dream of the dead

Same as it ever was

Same as it ever was

Know I will survive as always

No choice just fate

I live for tomorrow

Never looking in to today

Just too fast for me

We meet in the past

The future never existed

Time is not what we look at

Time is what we pass

Along the way to the end

End which is not what could be

But will be

For we need to be that which others see

Instead of what we are

Johnny E. Shades

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Temporary Love

January 11, 2013

Eleven Shades of Johnny

Looking back will I see me leaving before I was gone
Leaving behind tear filled footprints
Did I walk alone, did we walk out together
Together till the goodbye, the last kiss
Looking back do I see a should have
Blanketed by an excuse, meaningless reason
A could have, covered by an I needed more than I got
Perhaps I will look back and see a would have
Shadowed by a why didn’t I just try
Looking forward I see that there will always be
Two sides of the street, the story, the feeling
Did I keep mine clean, clear, and true
Looking forward from today, before yesterday comes
I regret nothing, I did my best, giving, loving, feeling
Keeping both feet in as the end would not be avoided
The heart seeded with love, peace, understanding
Grows, and with the wisdom of moving on
Will again look for and find
The much-needed pain of temporary love

Johnny Eleven

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